Kerstin has never been trained in art, but felt always curious about all sorts of art forms and most happy being surrounded by it. Initially a doctor and later a marine biologist, she co-founded a rehabilitation and rescue center for wild birds, together with her husband, leaving her no time for other activities. Studying, learning and educating others play a central role, however. Holistic nonviolence is her goal. She and her family are ethical vegans in their 11th year.

Kerstin grew up in East Germany (GDR), lived with her family on the Isle of Wight for nearly 20 years before relocating 700 miles north to the Highlands in the middle of the pandemic. She is the main carer at Corvid Isle (, a sanctuary for wild rescue birds, mainly corvids.
Only recently she had time to take up photography again and wants to share her pictures with a wider audience. Her photography work was exhibited at Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, the home of photography pioneer Julia Margaret Cameron, in 2006 and at local hospitals.

Instagram: @shots_by_kerstin

Artist Statement

I like taking photographs of the world around me, mostly the natural world. I am mesmerised by the beauty, the artwork and secret of nature in itself. Being able to be aware and look closely to see the infinite patterns, forms, colours and shades in even the seemingly most insignificant components and beings in our environment, is precious to me. They all play a part in the “bigger picture”, called Earth.

By sharing my photos, often only slightly altered with a filter to enhance the subject matter, I hope to connect with fellow humans and raise their awareness about the wonder around us, so fragile, in desperate need of protection.

I love reflections and the challenge to master the impact of light (or the absence of it) on a photograph.
Intentionally, I often omit a caption of the photographs, so the viewer can play freely with their imagination, making sense what they (want to) see.

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